Odin- a little man with a big name

Odin became a little man with a big name on July 26, 2006 at 11:01 PM. He currently resides with his Mommy, Daddy, dog, Honey, cat, Grasshopper, and fish tank of un-named fish in Santa Cruz, California where he enjoys long walks along the ocean, daily visits with Daddy to the greenhouse in the backyard, and being social with Mommy and his friends. Odin will be getting a sibling at the beginning of October and he's really excited!

Current Age: 2 years (25 mo.)

Monday, April 30, 2007

We're headed to Hawaii!!!!

We just booked a last minute trip to Hawaii!!!! I'm SOOOOO excited! We're going to Kauai from the 7th to the 13th! That means I have one week to pack. That seems like an excessive amount of time, but it's not when you're packing for a baby. Argh! Here's a photo of the last time we were in Hawaii :)

Odin and I are so excited about having Ryan for a whole week! Then, he will be working in Santa Cruz so there will be no more commuting 3 hours total every day and his hours will be a lot more flexible so it will be really nice to have him at home more :)

Other news...Odin had his nine month appointment today...he weighed in at 16 lbs 6 oz, 17 1/2 " tall. He's 25% for height and only 5% weight! Tall and SKINNY! The doctor was amazed at our little guy...she said he acts more like an 11 month old. She thinks he'll be walking VERY soon! Oh my! The doctor also thinks that Odin will fit in his infant car seat all the way until he's a year old! Some babies grow out of it by 6 months! :)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another Big Day!

Today's big news is that Odin stood up from sitting on his own without holding onto anything! It was so exciting. He's been working on it for a while! Here are a few other samplings of Odin's days...
"Eating" a rice cake...Odin LOVES making a MESS!

Sleeping after a day of fun...

Enjoying our wonderful weather...

Playing with 2nd cousin Bella...

Friday, April 27, 2007

More cute photos...

These photos show how much light is on our family room now with our new SKYLIGHT!!!

Today's Big Events

Well folks...I have taken enough photos to fill your need and then some today!
Here's Odin at his weekly Pilates class...

Riding his hog...

This is why I never post photos anymore...most of the photos look like this...a little guy on the MOVE!

Today he ate a waffle for the first time and he ACTUALLY ate almost the WHOLE thing!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lack of posts...

Hi all!
The only reason I haven't been posting any entries lately is because I never have any photos for them and I know that is what you all really want to see! I'll try to get some tomorrow. Here's a list of Odin's new tricks so that you all have something interesting to hear about :)
- Odin now opens cabinets. He hasn't quite got the idea of closing the cabinet and making sure his fingers aren't in the way so we have to watch him Very Carefully!
- He can crawl clear over a filled laundry basket. I know. Quite Amazing!
- He's working on figuring out how to go down stairs without just plunging off the edge. (Stairs, what stairs you may ask...the ones at the front and back doors ;) )
- He can open the glass doors to the fireplace...I know...very scary!
- He can walk along the cabinets from one end to the other but he moves his feet sideways, not like walking so I'm hoping this means we still have a while...although he is such a fast crawler now, he can beat me to any "no, no" before I can even THINK about getting there!
- Odin now LOVES taking a bath and likes to splash around and explore all the parts of his body that he doesn't usually see.
- He can half clap (one hand in a fist, the other clapping against it) he can wave hello and bye bye.
- He says, "hi", "hello", "hey", "doggies", dada (occassionally) and mama (once)
- He now knows how to weed the garden but he likes to weed out the flowers too.
- He can now eat Cheerios style cereal.

I think that's what he's up to for now. More to come, I'm sure...he's so busy, busy, busy!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Monkeying Around...

Odin decided to try on his monkey backpack that Grammie sent for Easter and try it out. Looks like it works like a charm!
Odin also had a friend from the neighborhood over to relax on the back deck with in the warm sunshine. They even played a bit of ping-pong!

Odin also helped Uncle Adam with the skylight and hung out with Kristian who came over to give his expert roofer's opinion :) Looks like a thumbs up on a great shingling job! Tonight it's supposed to rain so that will be the true test. Tomorrow, Uncle Adam is going to cut through the ceiling- let there be light! We are all very excited!

Mommie has just been trying to get work done at her new desk that Uncle Adam built her. Odin keeps her VERY busy and doesn't give her much time to get her work done! She is holding another online auction next week for the non-profit she works with so that will be interesting...let's all keep our fingers crossed that Odin decides to play independently for a bit next week and that his teeth aren't hurting him over that time period. Not very likely but we can all hope! Daddy is just working very hard as usual and gearing up for some big decisions! Good luck Daddy!

Friday, April 13, 2007

The little man is getting big!

Odin and Daddy out to lunch...

All tuckered out from a long hike in Zayante...

Odin's spinach and potato mustache and beauty mark...(hairdo by Uncle Adam)

Riding his hog with uncle Adam...

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!
As Odin LOVES to socialize, we had a jam packed day of partying yesterday! First, Odin got up in the morning and went to a get together at a park by the beach with all of his friends from Mom/Baby group and their mommies and daddies! All the little girls were in their Easter dresses and the little boys had on sweater vests, button downs, and just cuteness all around! There was a full food spread, a real lifesize Easter Bunny for photo opps, easter eggs in the grass, and beautiful weather for the perfect party! After that, we headed up to Auntie Mary's farm where Odin helped cousins Francesca and Bella with their Easter egg hunt. He also visited the goat, pig, and dogs! A good time was had by all. Sorry we couldn't be with our East coast family, we missed you all and will see you very soon for a fun Spring/Summer trip. As soon as we finalize the dates, we'll let you know!