Odin- a little man with a big name

Odin became a little man with a big name on July 26, 2006 at 11:01 PM. He currently resides with his Mommy, Daddy, dog, Honey, cat, Grasshopper, and fish tank of un-named fish in Santa Cruz, California where he enjoys long walks along the ocean, daily visits with Daddy to the greenhouse in the backyard, and being social with Mommy and his friends. Odin will be getting a sibling at the beginning of October and he's really excited!

Current Age: 2 years (25 mo.)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy end of summer everyone!

Labor Day Weekend is here...our town is a zoo! We celebrated with Ryan last weekend and went up to the California State Fair in Sacramento. It was fun and Odin got to ride a pony! Today, we tried to go to a sandcastle contest and Begonia Festival in Capitola but after an hour of trying to find parking, then waiting for a shuttle, we gave up and came home so we went to the beach instead, just Odin and his mama. We had a GREAT time and when we went to leave, I put Odin in his carseat and he looked at me and said, "Mommy, thank you take Odin to the beach." Isn't that the sweetest?!?! He's such a wonderful little person. We pulled into the driveway and I said, "We're home! So Odin said, "Jiggity Jig!" Two is such a fun age! Sure, some moments, I look at him and think, who is this little hellian and what did he do with my angelic little boy? But most of the time I just can't get over how sweet he can be. He holds out his hand to help me up every time I need help. He has the most wonderful little conversations about life with me. He's just a joy. When he's out with his dad running an errand, he calls me on the phone for a chat :) As far as #2, we have one month left and I feel like it. I'm big and tired. We're trying to get everything ready for the baby and to make some room for it in our tiny little cottage. The other photo below is from Odin's time at sports camp. He goes every week...first soccer, next week basketball, and after that Baseball/T-Ball :) Hope Fall is starting off wonderfully for all of you!

With this video, you need to listen to the sound. It takes a while but listen to what Odin says, he's just too cute!


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